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We provide training, consulting, educational content creation and professional development on a number of innovative education management methods which aim to disseminate knowledge and develop capacity for educators. In addition to the Starfish Maker program, there are a number of educational topics that we focus on. 


School Transformation

Together with the Equitable Education Fund, we have been working with over 100 schools on implementing a Whole School Transformation model. This means improving school management as a whole, with an emphasis on converting an entire school system to use sustainable education development methods. This is comprised on nine important components, with importance placed on community leaders, learning atmosphere, the learning of course participants, assessment of teaching practices, and professional development.

At the same time, we have been researching the impact of this undertaking by collecting data from the activities of partnering schools, so that we can see what tangibly improves during the process.

Learning Innovation

Our partnering pilot school, Baan Pla Dao School, is a testing ground for a number of exciting learning management methods. You can read more about the Starfish Maker program and why it is an important part of this, but it is not the only way to improve learning management for educators in Thailand.

PBL is a student-centered, project based learning management method. Its aim is to provide a system for the logical thinking skills of students by organizing learning activities on various skills, such as the problem solving process, creative thinking, critical thinking, research and data collection, a group process of active learning, the recording and discussion of ideas, as well as the integration of knowledge into different subjects.

There are two different forms of PBL; the Problem Based Learning method is based on the real-life problems of primary school students, while the Project Based Learning method creates a learning process that uses what kindergarten students are interested in. In order to practice these systematically, PBL uses the EDICRA process, which was invented as a guideline for project management by Dr. Prae Seributra, president of Starfish Country Home School Foundation.

In addition to Starfish Maker and PBL, we also offer training and coaching on Starfish’s 3R learning curriculum for Thai, English and Math, as well as EdTech workshops.

Child Development

We also work together with various partners on providing support for improving parenting, early childhood development and digital citizenship. Being able to raise our children, foster their learning development at an early age, and showing them how to be digital citizens are absolutely essential for their future, as well as for Thailand.

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